Regenerating face cream „SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours” 30ml

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Regenerating face cream „SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours” 30ml.




Regenerating face cream „SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours”.

Active ingredients: Extract of snails, almond oil, argan and avocado, with marigold.

Innovative product with a strong moisturizing, smoothing and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Combined (day and night) face cream.

Made in Bulgaria.



SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours (30 ml) is a regenerating, recovering and hydrating face cream with combined use (day and night). It is all you need to provide your skin the perfect 24-hour hydration. SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours is an innovative product with a powerful hydrating, smoothing and skin brilliance recovering e‑ect. It prevents the skin dehydration, smoothes the rough skin surface and makes it healthy and stable. SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours is a combination of several active ingredients: a snail extract*, the precious oils of almond, argan and marigold concrete. It hydrates the epidermis within 24 hours and secures the retaining of the moisture in the skin, reduces itching, redness, the sensation of burning and pain. It prevents the recurrence of skin dryness. The snail extract is a real cocktail of youth! Rich in vitamins A, C and E, collagen, elastine, allantoin and glycolic acid, it is an active ingredient with unique regenerating properties creating the ideal skin. It enhances the skin elasticity, smoothness and complexion and reduces wrinkles. It gives a sense of comfort and freshness. It reduces the visible skin pigmentation disorders and redness. It evens out and refreshes skin complexion. SNAIL CREAM 24 Hours gives a sense of instantaneous freshness and hydration. The cream has a proven eciency and endows a sense of comfort and freshness with its texture combining cream thickness with gel lightness.


It should be applied in the morning and evening over a well-cleansed skin with gentle circular massaging movements until it is fully absorbed.


It should be kept in its original packaging at a temperature 5-25°С at places inaccessible for children. It is meant only for external use!

*Extract is extracted from the snails without causing any suffering or injuries, then they continue their normal lifestyle!

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